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Flag Tournament Results

2021-09-27 12:24:50

Thank you to everyone who played this past Sunday. A record 24 teams signed up. Flags were tightly bunched with 17 of the 24 being planted on the 16th and 17 greens. 3 flags were on the 18th fairway/rough and 2 teams made the turn.

Winners were Nick Wilson and Andy Eckhardt who planted their flag on the 1st green. John and Derek Locastro were 2nd on the 1st fairway. Harrison Davenport and Katelyn Shields were 3rd, Patty Blowers and Cory Slater 4th. Reb and Patty Baier 5th. Dave Hoeft and John McCadden 6th. Bub Gage and Steve Dare 7th. Brett and Connor Davenport were 8th.

Winnigs are available in the pro shop. Thanks again to everyone for a spirited day of golf and good time competition.